UAE Customers Choice 2022

Come July 2022, 3 million votes will determine UAE's best companies.
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GRABCSR will help your company to understand your customer experience journey through a proprietary algorithm that computes votes or reviews into real data that companies can use to improve on their product or service delivery.

Business Award on Steroids.

Companies that score the highest votes from customers win the award but everyone else will...

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Add your company, generate your unique voting link. Share your link among your customers and ask for votes for your company. Khalas!

Using your customers votes, we provide you in depth data into your customers overall experience with your company (direct or indirect).

You will be competing with companies in your sector, so you will acquire insights into how you stack up against your competition.

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Feedback from Participants

A revised concept in customer experience tracking and management

“GRABCSR Customers Choice Awards is like hiring a survey company and getting an award at the end of the exercise. It will be a great success in Dubai.”

Shweta Founder at Al Nokbha Exhibitions

“I am very excited to be a part of this awards event. I think it means so much to find out what my customers and the public think about my company. I love the idea.”

Maria CEO, XPrive Elite Club

Frequently Asked Questions

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Every registered business in the UAE is allowed to participate in multiple industries and sectors. Each sector has an award presentation for the most loved company in that sector.
Vote, Review, Feedback tracking is lifetime and continuos for all registered companies. However, data for the GRABCSR Awards will be computed from votes from 1st January 2022 to July 16th 2022.
Yes, signup is free. To increase your chances and unlock certain perks, you may choose to subscribe to a platinum package.
Customer feedback data is analyzed over four months, and the business with the highest score wins the award in the sector in which they are participating.
Data is collected internally by GRABCSR and audited by a reputable auditing firm in the UAE before the results are published.

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