The Awards

The 2021 Edition of GRABCSR Awards is focused on startups, small business owners and great ideas that can potentially change the way people live, work and play in the societies where they operate or around the world.

Nomination closes 30th June 2021.

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Best Business Idea of 2021 - GRABCSR Awards

This award aims to find the best business idea, startup project or existing business that has the potential to change the way people live work and play and ultimatly make the world or societies it resides in better.

Future Company Awards 2021 - GRABCSR Awards

This award looks at the company, the corporate structure, the work environment and is based on the input given by the employees to identify a company that is poised to set the pace for future business workspace with the potential to evolve with technology.

Most Viable Concept Awards 2021 - GRABCSR Awards

This awards unlike the best business idea, looks at projects that have the most viable potential to evolve into a world class business that can potentially grow into a globally accepted brand. Awardees are selected from the exiting participants in the live event.