GRABCSR: Methods & Processes

Methods & Processes

Discover the GRABCSR process
that makes the Customers Choice Awards a coveted award.

Data Collection. and Data Analysis.

Through extensive marketing and advertising, the public will be incentivized to vote for businesses they are familiar with and leave reviews for businesses they patronize. The data will be centrally stored on the GRABCSR SHA256 encryption servers and will be used to compute each business's performance during the entire six months of the contest.

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Voting & Feedback.

Participating businesses will have access to a public voting portal that will allow customers to post their feedback about their company directly to the GRABCSR awards portal. Allowing real-time analytics tracking to enable every participating business to make informed decisions about improving their service delivery.

GRABCSR Customer Feedback

Screening. Process.

Data collected is screened and aggregated through the GRABCSR digital platform. A reputable auditing firm will audit the result to determine the quality of the information and the validity of each data..

GRABCSR Advertising Benefit

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