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GRABCSR: Customers Choice Awards 2022

The following terms governs your participation as a business in the GRABCSR Customer's Choice Awards 2022.

  1. Your business is entered exclusively as a contestant on the following conditions:
    1. Complete and Submit the application form on the GRABCSR website located here. Registration Form
  2. Upon applying, you will create a password to access the GRABCSR dedicated business reviews tracking dashboard. From here, you can view the result of the surveys that are collected about your business and to consider where you stack against other companies in your industry.
  3. You will create a unique URL that links your customers and the general public to your dedicated survey page directly from your dashboard.
  4. You will also receive paper-based customer satisfaction survey dockets, which you must openly display at your business's outlet and allow customers to submit their feedback about your services freely.
  5. A dedicated GRABCSR agent will be assigned to your business to collect and compute the customer satisfaction survey dockets for four months.
  6. You may choose to display your reviews for the general public, or you may choose to leave reviews about your company public. The option to control this is available on your GRABCSR dashboard under "Settings."
  7. Your computed performance results against other businesses in your industry will be publicly visible, except you choose to keep this private. You can indicate the status of this in your admin dashboard.
  8. Your computed result will be shown as your score aggregate against other businesses and not the actual score. Your score aggregate will show as a rating index. For example, "5/10 In the food and beverage industry"
  9. You will own the data about your reviews, and this data is never shared with any third party and not even with the GRABCSR awards staff. The information is entered and computed into the GRABCSR website which is secured using bank-grade encryption and hash salted.
  10. You can freely download your review data from your admin dashboard. Your review data will include the contact details (where provided) of your customers or members of the general public that submits their review about your business.
  11. You will not attempt to or openly manipulate the results of your reviews or submit fake reviews to reach the threshold.
  12. GRABCSR uses a set of conditions to determine the authenticity of a review and to determine that the subject is not passing assessments multiple times. In your dashboard, you will see and determine legitimate reviews, follow up and contest any thought that you deem is not honest; however, the discretion to either remove the review or modify it is entirely that of GRABCSR Awards.

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